Areas of application for fiber optic sensing cable systems

To measure various physical parameters: sensor technology and connecting cables from our sophisticated, industry-specific range of cables for different areas of application.

Coordinated with your area of application: fiber optic sensing cable systems in the geothermal industry

Fiber optic sensing cable systems are used in different ways in the geothermal industry. To evaluate new energy sources using geothermal wells, for example. Products and services from Solifos go a long way to encourage safety and efficiency in plant and factory operation.

Operating principle

Measuring temperature values distributed over the entire length of the sensor cable

Example of application

Fiber optic sensor cables evaluate changes in temperature in geothermal wells. This data helps locate new energy sources.

Types of cable

The geothermal industry uses similar sensing cable systems to the oil and gas industry in the down-hole area.  Particularly robust, chemically resistant, metal-jacketed cable designs are needed, which must be optimised for the extended temperature range involved.

How are these installed?
 A moving sensing cable system is fed down the well to measure the temperature profile. Soil, gas and water vapour temperatures are tested in the area under examination.

Where is the testing location? A sensing cable system is fed down the well to measure the temperature.

What is the testing output? The temperature is monitored at the well. The behaviour of the soil is analysed from the perspective of future applications in geothermal power stations.

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